Friday, January 27, 2017

What is a scorched earth policy

A scorched earth policy, is the (military strategy) requires burning everything that can benefit the enemy in progress operations and decline within the region, formerly it indicates in its meaning to the burning of agricultural crops, and everything associated with those crops so as not to allow the enemy to take advantage of them, as a kind of supplies to help him progress and resilience, as well as the destruction of (infrastructure), as a means of transportation, housing, and other means of communication, and this policy is followed in enemy territory or in the home. The article states (54) of the "first protocol" to the Convention in 1977, which was held in Geneva, on the prohibition of the destruction or burning, move or attack or disable the materials necessary for the survival of the civilian population, agricultural Kalmnatq, which produce crops, livestock, drinking water systems and irrigation. food, whatever the motive, whether the target starve them or keep them out of the area, or any other reasons. Despite this prohibition, however, that such practices are still common, and many of the countries that ratified it do not you apply to the ground. Of the most famous countries in implementation of this strategy is Russia, where the application in its wars with the Tatars and Napoleon, and during World War II against Germany, taking advantage of the nature of their country's topography and climate that dominated and characterized by greatly reduced in temperature, and already have through the application of that policy conquering Napoleon, dip the Germans during World war. This policy is characterized by remoteness inhumane, dependence on burning and destruction, and without paying international laws, any interest, this politically, but economically, they are aimed at humiliation, starvation and impose dependency on the public, as the French did during their application of that policy in Algeria. It states that have implemented this policy is the United States in its war on Iraq, to ??see through the atrocities committed on the ground, and the amount of destruction that left thousands of dead and wounded, as a new type of this strategy, as well as prove the use of uranium weapons, and lasting negative effects for decades, it is a further evidence of the application of that bloody politics. Also, Israel, which is not subject to the law, they have implemented that policy over and over again, the last devastating war on Gaza, and their effects on humans and the earth, to the largest demonstration of the wickedness and ugliness of this accounting policy, under the pretext of eliminating resistance by target them civilians, and everything related to them of houses and gardens, schools, real goal behind this war, it is the annihilation of the entire civilian population there !!


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