Friday, January 27, 2017

What is the policy

Politics is the practice and theory of the impact on others, and taught as in many colleges around the world as a subject specialist, and involved a joint decision of the group of people, and can also be defined as the study or practice of distribution of power within a particular society, provided that has a community residential The hierarchical organization. Political and play a major role in influencing the life in all its aspects Kalajtmaih, economic, and sports, and is the political system is a framework that defines acceptable in a given society political methods, and it was the history of political thought and clear since ancient times by Plato, Aristotle, Confucius. A lot of the people belong to political parties, which can be defined as a political organization that seeks to achieve and maintain political within the government by participating in electoral campaigns, educational outreach, and protests, puts the party members ideological written and vision with specific goals. Forms of political organization vary these forms with the different nature of the state, and the non-governmental organizations, international organizations, and the Aristotelian classification policy to the aristocracy, and democracy, and the oligarchs, and tyranny, currently enjoying every state in regulatory policy, and begin the political system through constitutions and documents that define the powers, constitutions are divided into written and non-written, and the Constitution of the Federal several features, namely: to prevent conflicts between the terms of reference of the federal authorities and state authorities. The distribution of power between the federal government and state governments. Vested in the Supreme Court has the authority to interpret the constitution and law enforcement cooperation with the executive and legislative branches. Global policy linked to global politics and social power issues, one of the patterns of global conflict issues; where he witnessed the twentieth century, two world wars, the fall of communism, and the use of the first atomic bomb by the United States in Japan, and as a result United Nations has emerged as the caller for a peace organization, has issued decisions many relate to global policy during World war II, and that the use of nuclear and space weapons made unacceptable war as an instrument to achieve political goals. Political corruption is the use of the powers legislated by government officials to gain a private illegal Kqma political opponents, and different forms of corruption according to the practice of his, so that they are corrupt, and blackmail, and nepotism, and favoritism, graft, embezzlement, easy to this corruption a wide range of criminal acts of drug trafficking, money laundering, trafficking, political corruption, and vary from country to country operations, and from state to state, and this means that there are some corrupt policies are illegal in some states, and be legal in other countries.


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