Friday, January 27, 2017

What is the concept of politics

The concept of politics politics word taken from the act of SAS and Handler, known conventionally as being based on the distribution of power and strength within the boundaries of a State, and care for the country's foreign affairs and internal affairs, and has known David Easton as (the division of resources in the community through the power). As defined by the Communists that it (the study of the relations between the classes), but they knew that it was the realists (art of the possible any study and change the political reality objectively and not a common mistake that art undergo political reality and not change based on the strength and interest calculations). Benefits of politics as a means control. Gives confidence to employees and administrators in making their decisions, and ease of hesitation and doubt in their souls. Relieve nervous effort and mental effort for staff and managers, and also to leave a full-time director for all new problems. Coordination between the actions of all the different individuals, specifically between their dealings with other individuals. Policy types basic policy: It is placed in the list of the emergence of the organization code, and change works on the objective and the fundamental shape of the organization change, it is flexible and wide, depending on which all other policies. Senior policy: The more detailed than the basic policy. Operational policy: a policy known as departments, which relate to certain specific activities, such as selling the company, purchasing, advertising, and transportation. Agglomeration policy: seek through which each party to join another party, or to a group of parties and alliance with them. Policy of containment: It is a policy based on intelligence work, diplomatic, and attack the Soviet Union, and the sufficiency of economic pressure, which is what called her the American ambassador to the United Nations. Other types: economic policy, and the policy of ideology as, supreme policy. The conditions to be provided in the policy to be feasible, and to achieve the goals set. Lack of incompatibility with the state laws, and public policies, social values, and morals prevailing. Linked with each other horizontally and vertically. Flexible; allow any act in the event of any change, they are not instructions. Be specific and understandable terms, and well-known of all project members, and to be written. Popular political figure of Benito Mussolini: is the founder of the fascist movement, the head of the Italian state, was born in 1883 in Dovaa de Bredabio village in Italy, and the title Balducci, and received a ruling from 1930 to 1943, and died in 1945. Nelson Mandela: is the head of state of South Africa, was born in 1918 in, was the first black president, and it was an anti-apartheid regime in his country, and received the position of the referee from 1994 m to 1999 m, and religion, Christianity, and died in 2013. Gamal Abdel Nasser: Is the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and one of the leaders of the revolution of July 23, was born in 1918, and received a ruling from 1956 until his death in 1970.


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