Friday, January 27, 2017

What are the political rights

Many of us have heard on the news or on websites or in awareness campaigns rights for the term political rights, what are the political rights let dear readers know together on what political rights, and what are the different rights that fall under the classification of political rights as well as take a look at the International Covenant private civil rights and political rights of the Commission on human rights of the United Nations liability. Right: the right to a reformer has been interpreted as an anti word wrong, and human rights have been defined as the rights given to a person for being a human being and the rights have been known since ancient times, there are many philosophers who took the concept of the right. It is believed that human rights have spread and emerged as a term customary after World War II and after the establishment of the United Nations body. Political rights: human rights is one of the branches as it falls under the human rights of many rights, such as civil rights, social rights, economic, cultural and political rights, usually combined with political rights and civil rights of the name comes the term civil rights and rights Asih. Political rights is that the classification of the rights, which protects the freedoms of individuals from violations of the community or the government, and these rights emphasizes the ability and freedoms of individuals to participate in society without any discrimination or racial discrimination. Rights that fall under the political rights: political rights include rights relating to justice and the procedures of the judiciary, such as the rights of the accused to hold a fair trial, the right to compensation as they proved Bremn the charge against him. Political rights also include rights to community participation, such as the right to form associations and institutions and the right of assembly, the right to appeal and the right to vote in elections and the right to run for such elections. International Covenant Aacial Civil and Political Rights: Chest International Covenant Aacial Civil and Political Rights in conjunction with the private social rights, economic and cultural rights in 1966 by the Commission on Human Rights of the United Nations and the International Covenant knows covenants with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which released him in 1948 Blangelazah on behalf of the international bill of rights "that is, they include various rights and stated that it is the universality of these rights. international Covenant on civil and political rights that includes some of the rights of the collective, such as the right to self-determination of peoples and not subject the people to the will of other countries and the people's right to dispose of their natural wealth. and from within the political rights Tnolha Covenant, the right to liberty and security and prevent arbitrary detention of a person, a person's right to know the reason for his arrest and as the Covenant provides for respect for the dignity of the person exhibition of imprisonment.


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