Friday, January 27, 2017

What are human rights

What are human rights, the human being is the basis of the universe, and it is reconstruction and have honored our Islam human best honor the film makes it to someone on the latest preferred not color nor sex nor the sweat and make the basis of differentiation is the piety of this generous Islam and all religions of man before him and was subsequently honored by Jurists (ICJ) in the world and make it universal law agreed by all the countries of the world and photos of this honor the Universal Declaration of human rights and other treaties were prepared and the establishment of the first multilateral treaty in the Council of Europe, namely, ((rights and fundamental freedoms Protection Convention)) was signed on this agreement in the city of Rome on the fourteenth of the month of November in the year of 1950 and the first thing that draws attention to this Convention AHA it is not a European or regional, but it is global in nature and that the utility back everyone. It is the most important rights rights and fundamental freedoms to found in this Convention: personal rights and freedoms are: 1_ the right to life and respect for human dignity 2_ right to respect for private life 3_ freedom of movement and choice of residence 4_ right to security in the sense (protection) 5_ freehold 6. social rights and economic 7. personal safety rights is the most important intellectual property rights: 1_ freedom of belief 2_ freedom of expression 3_ freedom of education 4_ freedom of opinion saw the last decades of the twentieth century international attention felt in the field of childhood and emerged international organizations announced charters goal was to bring happiness to the child and protect healthy and socially without any Excellence in the month of November in the year 1959 was United Nations General Assembly approval of the Bill of rights of the Child, which included many of the principles and the most important: 1_ child's right to compassion and kindness as much as possible within the confines of his parents and not to be separated from their mothers, but the conditions may be harsh 2_ child's right to housing, food and proper health care 3_ enjoy the baby all the rights contained in this declaration without distinction 4_hak child in the education of non-payment is compulsory in the stage of compulsory 5_ child from apartheid to protect or religious discrimination and any form of discrimination 6_ right the child to grow in a healthy manner and in a way sound physically and mentally, intellectually and morally, and because of the importance attached by the Hashemite leaders to the role of woman and child in the community, and to activate the humanitarian role and social GSS to Jordan to pursue domestic violence and address the issues, it has initiated the public security Directorate, the year (1997) to create a specialized department in this area and is the first specialized department in this area, and is the first specialized department in the Middle East to deal with family issues, a * Department family protection *, which is considered a model for Jordanian distinct in participatory work between the PSD and a number of governmental and nongovernmental institutions Related to this area, in order to entrench approach (police HDL) and to achieve the principles of (police serve the people) means a lot of international and local institutions and human rights, including the private women's and children's rights as exemplified by UNICEF Foundation has announced on 10/20/1989 that an international day of the child that came after the declaration of the rights of children in 20.10.1959 and is in this history to do activities, events and festivals to remind the rights of the child and how to activate


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