Friday, January 27, 2017

The most important political books

Political science concerned with many people, especially academics and politicians were in the science of politics, and falls this field of knowledge, which under the Humanities box, and is considered one of the most complex fields that require exceptional effort to understand all mysteries and Baaah, so some people called "dirty game", and if you interested in in-depth understanding of policy and interpretation of what is happening on the international scene properly and realistically you read the following political books that gives you a sound infrastructure and strong, and make you enter this science and adopt your ideas and political trends, the scientific spirit and strong political and solid foundation. "The most important political books" Rules 48 to power: an American book published in 1998 by author Robert Greene, and is one of the most important and most popular political books that talked about the most important historical stages and eras experienced by East and West, and shed Greene where light on the rulers and princes methods of governance the corridors of the mysteries and machinations of the royal palaces to present to the reader at the end of the day 48 basic rule of influence and power in politics, with the constant assertion that politics is almost devoid of ethical standards and principles, and which he says: "does not shine more than your boss even if you are better than him, and seek the help to achieve Gat Mqasdk hiding, Never trust your friends, care of your reputation because the price of your life, draw attention to you at any price, "was accompanied by a group of these tips historical evidence and strong examples that substantiate the words of the writer proof and evidence. Novel all the King's Men: It is one of the most famous and best political novels written in the twentieth century, he authored the American writer Robert Penn Warren, and focused where mainly to talk about demagogic political figure who had a love and a wide range of people, and enjoy its owner bondage of the masses to him, at a time which succeeds to be a dictator without showing it, where he is the leader most of his time in talking about change for the better, reform and tackling corruption, and returns the rights to their owners in his speeches, which is a mixture of lies and corruption and promises sincere and sees depth in reading this novel that the author intended and certain present figure on the ground, a governor of one of the American States, called the Hui Long name as a model for the corrupt governor, his strong tongue eloquent and convincing false and deceptive to his people at the same time. Book Prince famous Machiavelli or Nicola Machiavelli to the writer, it is a detailed talk about how to access government or authority and to maintain influence, arguing that morals and values ??do not fit into the political work but is hindered, and should be a separation between the two sides for the success of governance, also finds that policy function adjustment with reality and not change it, and summed up his thoughts in the most famous private Almqolten him: "in matters should be considered too, not the medium," "it is better to Akhcak people that love you."


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