Friday, January 27, 2017

The concept of politics

It is the policy of the most important fields that deal with organized mainly relations between the countries in the world, and because of its importance in this field as a basis for the stability of the world we will talk about in detail in this article. The concept of politics The policy term for linguistically taken from the present tense Handler which handles things, or past tense SAS any workflow, systems, and arranged the affairs of something, but idiomatically learn general sense as a set of procedures and ways and methods of decision-making for the organization of life in various human societies, so studying the mechanisms creating consensus among all religious and humanitarian trends, economic, social, and others, also includes resource allocation mechanisms, powers, own society and influence or a State, and different political systems between the State and the other by its constitution and rules of procedure and the nature of government is, and how the application of democratic principles in it. Function policy sees specialists in the science of politics they mainly represent decisions that take into account the fundamental physical and moral values-making process, according to certain ideologies at the local, regional and international levels, and regulate essentially the relationship between the ruler and the ruled, between the responsible authority and the people, as well as between the ruler and the state and between other neighboring and non-neighboring countries from the premise that the state does not live in isolation from the others, and they are an integral part of the environment surrounding her part. Types of policy types of policies differ from one country to another and from one system to another, as we mentioned previously, the mismatch policy of containment which is to achieve the so-called sufficiency by exerting economic and diplomatic pressure, as well as intelligence, as well as the bloc's policy, which is the policy that each party which seeks to involvement and alliance with another party to form their own political party, and work to gain the largest possible number of allies to achieve the greatest possible strength and Owasa possible influence, especially in the military or military areas, special to this aspect and support to be able to deal with and triumph over any hostile force her, and there are economic and financial policy which consists of being a set of alliances and deals that would increase the share of states in the global market, and enable them to create their own competitive advantage, and finally the politics of ideology, and based on the difference in these types of policy there is a difference in the authorities, according to these policies, there is a public policy also monopoly and monopoly control methods such as the army, police and other, there are the powers of legitimacy, and others.


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