Friday, January 27, 2017

The concept of political parties

Political parties are numerous political parties in every country in the modern world, in the Arab countries it became the political parties exert important roles in the overall work and consolidation of modern democratic models, despite the fact that many researchers in political science argue that the Arab peoples are still not interacting with party activity to the extent required, but the citizens' awareness of the concept of political parties and their role in the development of future plans of countries will lead to greater participation in party activities that fit the thought of every citizen, it is not limited to the concept of modern political parties in the academic definition, but includes both the vision and the goal of these parties in general the purpose of the establishment in the foundation. Political party identification is no more than the definition of a political party, according to academic studies in political science, including the political party is a legal organization that seeks to get to the head of the ruling power in a democracy and the exercise of judgment in accordance with the political, social and economic partisan program, including the fact that the political party is a democratic organization practiced process democracy within the party to elect its members to assume leadership positions in the party and to develop visions and strategic objectives, and outside the party to participate in elections at various levels, whether local or parliamentary or presidential, and linking in general the political party among the citizens who embrace the political vision and one is the vision of the party and between the regime and the toolkit different state. The role of political parties, including the political party working in the intermediary between the people and the system of government in the Democratic kinds of systems Basically, the various parties have a key and important roles in that form of government, most notably the drafting of the needs and problems of citizens and put forward proposals to resolve them and submit them to various government agencies in legal and awareness-raising activities and to educate voters about the political system and election propaganda for the party's vision for the progress of the state, and the pressure on governments to meet the demands of the people in the various sectors of political, economic, social, political parties as well as working to spread propaganda among the citizens of the ideas and the nomination of their representatives in the elections. The terms of the origins and functioning of political parties does not ensure that all states establish political parties and in accordance with the systems of governance and constitutions followed them, while ensuring some countries the freedom to establish political parties, but with the lack of a suitable environment for the work of the party to provide, and you need the political parties to work on the ground and achieve a democratic form representative of several factors, the most important provision of freedom of association and assembly and to express an opinion different forms of peaceful and legal cross-media, and to ensure that the principle of multi-party system, which means the possibility of establishing more than one party different trends of thought, with the absence of state discrimination and non-interference in favor of one party without the other.


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