Friday, January 27, 2017

Short political Thoughts

Politics is a group decisions and the methods used for the management of human societies, and to you here in this article short political thoughts. Short political Thoughts To win the final victory must be the party that left the leadership of senior wise and far-sighted men and Tserhm passion and are subject to these leadership submissive blind .. Secrecy, which includes two hundred men all of them are smart and competent is the toughest leadership of the secret of one hundred and ninety-ordinary man and the ten men are smart hold the lead . If the Arab administration was good for the good of Arab politics and the Arab economy is fairly good and the Arab media. Any class aspires to domination must first be able to represent the political power to turn their own interests as the public interest. Everyone in the Middle East wants to be a US citizen, but everyone is angry with the foreign policy of the United States. Politics is the first arts and another business. Better government are those in which there is less number of people useless. Dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. Democracy is a device ensures that we live better than we deserve. Civil politics is housekeeping or should the city, including under the ethics and wisdom to carry the audience on a platform in which the species conservation and survival. No Indian politician brave enough because trying to explain that the cows can eat it. If two teaspoons invoked the United Nations body Alsgertan missed two countries together, if invoked a small country and a big country to the United Nations body lost a small state, but if the two large invoked the United Nations body missed the United Nations itself. It is the rule of the state better if she had few laws, and these laws are strictly Mraeih. If uttered many hints you smart prime minister if you are codified Shakespeare. He knows nothing and thinks he knows a lot more if he humiliate policy. Be cheerful when people leave out as when you came in. If you wish an order or position Vobad you bad guys, all the flaws attributed to you. Most people when they become evil power. If a sheep died on the Shatt al-Furat lost the thought that God aneroid the Day of Resurrection. Friends of politics at the enemies preside. In politics there is a permanent enemy or permanent friends, there is no permanent interests. When speaking of the Jewish political raising his right hand holy book, does Askth Arab political, ashamed of his book, and reminded him not at the altar and in the field. Equations most important for me, politics for the present and the equation of eternity. Political propaganda does not fool people, but it helps them to deceive themselves. No more dangerous to a state of confusion between the cunning and wisdom. My worst fear is that the day will come when treason become a point of view. I hope that our wisdom will how great our strength, because we know that the more we use our power the less we have become the greatest. The king must die standing. If one of you is better between his party and his conscience, he should leave the party and follow his conscience, because man can live without the party, but he can not live without conscience. We do not make the events and rather invest the mistakes of others. I have not told what amounted to only Basmotai between the peoples. If we love our country, we also have to love our citizens. Resistance has to be give and progress, not take. Learn to accept what you can not change and to focus on its capacity to influence the speech from governments and international politics will not benefit while to talk about what can be done to develop yourself or your house or the neighborhood in which they live, which is required which will affect your life in a positive. Heartedly State must be in his head. Politics is not just a game of goodwill or lofty principles it is not necessarily the owner of Alambdoanha triumph like a game Alhtranjitdechl where intelligence and readiness and good knowledge of the rules of Allabhoha factor is far from being a game player Balnrdhat mumbled, O Lord, and throw the dice, hoping to win. In the past, we practiced Blackout policies, now we practice ourselves to believe all the media policy of deception .. result is the same. The human behavior is more evidence of his policy. Cold War politics, the war heated policy. Machine politics chest capacity. Public policy dragged the hearts of its equity. If the rotted policy went Sultan. If you are the people the people of the policy .. Vsu cram people are gentle and uniform units. Originally in politics that the state be knowing the conditions of her flock, and penalized the people of the evils of them spoilers, and reward philanthropists benefactors. Capacious world of politics, Mvatne distributed all creeds .. politics is life. The policy .. if you know her secret Mtsam. Jamal politics of justice in jus, and the pardon of capacity. One of the best policy himself and his family, was eligible for the policy of the people. It concludes politicians in the service of the people when they forget themselves. Politics in the end is the drama collision of wills. There is no such policy spoiler for thinking human. I Remaster politics and taste of literature, I assigned to one another. I find the world of politics as corrupt and ugly, nothing I can his performance there, what Onfhm it. The armed forces must be professional and not to interfere in politics. Politics and religion a source of strength .. In misuse danger to life mentality. To this extent messing policy we have justice, order and morality God forbid .. scary thing. I'm not interested in politics as much as my interest in justice. But what on communist .. I told you a policy against the government. Maine and understood in politics more than, more than, Ghanaian Saigh. Allacash in literature policy. The utilitarian ethics is not the manners and the fact that they belong to politics more than it belongs to ethics. Duty is the primary term in Alakhlaqoualemsalehh science is the primary term in the science of politics. We have come to the stage, not political indifference, or whether the Egyptian policy originally apathetic. This wondrous country rushes in politics behind the emotion is followed in love accountants Naguib Mahfouz accuracy .. sugary. The selfish raise a bit of horror; so we invented bi


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