Friday, January 27, 2017

Policy definition language and idiomatically

Political Science no political science formal or precise definition, politics can be considered active human or academically, they can also be considered a science or political sciences, and in any case, some believe that the search process to find out the truth about how people exercised the authority may be completely separate from the actual activity in the quest for the exercise of this power. In a scientific, political ideas it represents the most important some of the weapons in the arsenal of political person, and is ignoring this can be either a kind of naive, or repeated deliberate attempt to make some kind of political ideology, controversial, since it is the fact that politically indisputable. Political Science Definitions There are many definitions of political science, including: the definition of the Columbia University Columbia University political science definition of science that has been studying governments and institutions, and a number of behaviors and practices by politicians. This means the definition that this science is interested in studying governance mechanism and political institutions both Noaaha (legislative and executive), and some of the non-official as groups of public opinion and political parties, and that this flag means to examine all the political activities of individuals, as processes of voting and vote in elections and others. Definition of French dictionaries, glossaries known French political science as a science, which is studying human societies or humanity, in other words, knew that he knew the rule states. American definition of David Eastin known American Eastin political science as a science, which is studying the distribution (mandatory authoritarian) for all values ??in the communities, that this science focus its attention on the study of the pivotal roles of the political authorities in the process of maintaining the community values, and implementation of laws by using coercion and force, if necessary command in the process of confrontation in conflict with these laws and values. Aspects of political science definitions include the above definitions a lot of aspects, including: all social relations, which include power and authority, such as the relationship between the ruler and the ruled, or a particular state relationship with its neighbors, or the relationship between political parties and the government etc. ... Also includes studies that relate to governments and other political components of the states, the political principles like the political parties, international relations and the Constitution. Jobs related to governance and all political affairs, as head of state or a minister or deputy. It includes all views on political affairs definition, and these definitions include all sub-fields that does this science being addressed, including political theories and political philosophies and political science and comparative, and civics and national systems, and all the political analysis between nations and political developments, and international laws, and the history of political thought and human rights and public freedoms. Became universities recognize the political science as a science or as a branch of a number of other humanities and social sciences since the end of the nineteenth century, and it was as a result of this recognition that was founded Free School of Political Science in Paris, and the London School of Economics, politics, and confirmed the importance of this science Using adoption as taught in a number of European universities in general, and universities States in particular.


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