Friday, January 27, 2017

Manifestations of colonial policy in Algeria

French colonization of Algeria France occupied Algeria in the history of the fifth of July of 1830, and lasted until the fifth date of the same month of 1962; and gave the Algerian people during this period, more than a million martyrs; in order to liberate their land, and the expulsion of the French, and to stop looting the wealth of the country and the oppression of its people, and the Algerians of French policies unfair suffered; both those specific to their living conditions, or which affect the education sector, and religion, as well as policies that affected the social aspect; in this article we will talk about the most prominent manifestations of colonial policy in Algeria. Manifestations of colonial policy in Algeria and divided those appearances to the administrative aspects, economic and other, social, and aspects related to the education sector, the cultural side, which we'll talk about in the following: the administrative side of the law Cr�mieux: by which grants Jews in Algeria; French nationality; and thus facilitate their participation in the French took office on Algerian territory; and during the 1870 year. Gunnar law: which included a series of punitive measures against the Algerians; and in the aftermath of appointed Bassam revolution in the Bouira region, in the 1906 year. Version conscription law: in 1912 year; forcing the Algerians, to participate in the First World War, within the ranks of the French army, France has followed this arbitrary choice; while the other colonies, given the freedom of choice in the matter of recruitment. The formation of the Ministry of Algeria: considered a dependent territory of France, during the 1951 year. France's economic policies have worked to tighten the manifestations of dependency, the Algerian economy French counterpart, and is represented by the following: Change the Algerian currency, to the French currency in 1851. Algerian flood the markets, products and commodities French. Induces the cultivation of vineyards; up to liquor manufacturing. Issuing the laws that govern which grip on the wealth and resources of the Algerian people, and most of those laws: the confiscation of lands of the Muslims of Algeria Act Ottoman assets. Joanne Law; Judge Algeria as part of France's property, and therefore have the right to dispose of all its wealth. Social policies distort the authentic Algerian civilization landmarks, blur national identity. Ushering in settling the various peoples of Europe in Algeria, and to encourage its citizens to the French delegation to Algeria; and therefore give priority to those identity, the aspects of social life account, indigenous owners of the land. Declaration of civil status law; and aims to change the Algerian names including streets and roads, and sites, to French names, also prevented resorting to Islamic law, and the establishment of rituals, and turned many mosques into churches, and allowed proselytizing the Christian faith among the Algerian population, compared to food aid; so untapped needs of citizens, and harsh conditions; spread through famines. Algerians looting their property and possessions; and the imposition of the many taxes on them; whereas facilitated financial transactions for the settlers; and established them many banks in Algeria. The absence of health institutions that serve the population; which led to the spread of diseases among them, doubling their suffering. Education and culture policies to make French the official language and the mother in Algeria, and the abolition of dealing in Arabic across the country. Limiting education to the children of Algeria on the elementary level. Close centers and educational institutions. Algerians force through the above; the direction of education in French, or immigration, as well as the adoption of aspects of French culture by force.


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