Friday, January 27, 2017

How to become a seasoned politician

Politics the art of politics, and it needs to look deep great experience, and personal sophisticated; world of politics forked world is full of contradictions, and needs to the ability of a deep arrangement of ideas, and the conclusion lessons, and theorizing, and out deep and correct the results; because the policy is mainly based on careful analysis, tactics and smart, and try to hold the yarn positions; out incorrect views convince others. It is very important to know that Sea policy is not his last, and he wanted to dive into it, he must know how to float well without drowning; because the mistakes in the world of politics disastrous, would never be forgiven, people usually do not forget the men of policy mistakes, and consider every arcane detail a firm stance represents them. Political recipes veteran has the talent that help in understanding the intricate and complex political events; so has the full ability to read events and intelligence experience, his passion, without interfering in the judgment, and to take positions. Possession of absolute candor, not be ashamed of the political declaration Whatever his views, provided that expresses his point of view smooth, simple, and understandable, and directly away from the complexity and review. Humility of the most important qualities of a political veteran; because vanity makes political outcast and despised, and unconvincing, and humility makes political admired, and the interest of others, They accept on his political views. The proximity of people's minds, and daily their events that occur on the roads, and workplaces, and all public places; so can the political expression of the opinion of the people in all objectivity. Sadr capacity, and away from anger and agitation; because anger puts a barrier between the political, people, and political events; comes judgment flawed and influenced by emotions emergency. High self-confidence, because confidence in the credibility of the evidence on the political front of others, and does not have the self-confidence is, of course, is not qualified to express his point of view on things, does not possess a political vision correct. Be patient, and the length of mind; because the adoption of ideas and political views needs a long patience; to convince the others, and follow the political ideology that political release him, which is very convinced of it. Possession of long-term plans, and thoughts of her foresight; because the political ideas and plans for the immediate disappear quickly and does not last, and thus are discarded, and the political and renounce who espoused, so it must embrace the ideas, plans and studied for many years. It has a strong will, and the spirit of initiative and determination to achieve their political ideas, and he should be locked to its goals fully in, and has the ability to creativity, innovation and renewal. Daring, courage, and strength of character, put ideas spontaneously, and transparent. Flexible thinking, and the ability to accept different opinions, and the belief that the difference a healthy state, and he has to accept criticism with an open mind. Possess leadership skills, management ability, and influence. Enjoy deep oratorical style, sound and eloquent language, and has the ability to conduct dialogues with great skill, a good listener to the opinions of others and their ideas. It improves time management, fully aware of the importance of time, and knows when he must initiative, and when to withdraw. It has the ability to persuade, and a good choice of groups that embrace his ideas, and welcomes it, and knew the terms of the law and the Constitution, which is working in his favor, and serve its objectives.


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