Friday, January 27, 2017

How to be a successful politician

The policy is a set of actions rests with the State concerned under the auspices of the internal and external affairs of the nation, and some know the process of distribution of influence and power in a society, or is the study of the ruling power, which in turn determines who gets what and how and when? Considered policy decision-making process, to be art, or to be a dirty game used by some to reach the finish, then the policy is not, as some believe it is just a way to reach for glory and greatness and riches on the weak and vulnerable classes account, it is a great great responsibility Secretariat, the political is the position a person of the people put their trust in him to improve their situation and get them out of poor conditions and crises that Ieihoha, we now live in is full of variables, conflicts and daily current events era, so shall you educate yourself politically in order to keep pace with political developments and be complete by the familiar, to become politically educated you'll not only follow some steps which will cost only her readings. How to be politically educated, you must follow and keep up with the current on the scene of political events, and will not take you this is a lot of time but you need a day just for a quarter of an hour in the morning to surf some sites and knowledge including contain news, or by reading the daily newspapers at leisure, but be careful not to take all the news from only one source, but you diversification and selection of more than one source to make sure the integrity of what you read from the news what gives you the opportunity to learn how the different views on the issue or what happened. To educate yourself historically and begin to read the information the old historical books and learn the most important wars and revolutions experienced by the world so you can connect the past events in those that occur in the present. * Full knowledge and understanding of the full terms of any political traded identify the ABCs of politics, and that you can get it through some of the sites while surfing the Internet. Express your attitude and political opinion, the progress technological quotient to provide a lot of ways in which man can express his opinion and his attitude toward a particular case it is through social networking sites rights managed to be effective in the community and to put political speech as he wants, you can also write an article you think political and sends it to a newspaper or news sites online, perhaps it develops from the political ability and your interaction with the various issues. You know the political leaders and the owners of political opinion in the country and be able to communicate with them if needed, then it needs to be so you can read about them and their political positions will help you in this task a lot, and therefore when the election was formed within your own country you know the right person to the right place and be familiar with the person best able to manage the political state and the owner of the appropriate political decision and all this affect your future. * Try to be your attitude towards political issues separate, when to be educated political issues, you can adopt the opinion stand independently express your convictions and your thoughts and your values, and this can be a political figure, a successful and independent without being driven behind the others, and sometimes you need to change your attitude or modify it and that that indicates anything, it shows the maturity and intellectual development and the widening horizons of thinking. The development of political awareness, and that is to follow through political discussions or follow-up to read the opinion pages in local and international newspapers, read political articles by leading thinkers, writers and politicians who provide in-depth analyzes of the issues and current events programs, when you can develop the political consciousness and recognize the different political currents, you can so the choice of the current group or party that is consistent and compatible with your opinions and your thoughts and your positions and political. Feel free to participate awareness and defense of community issues and to participate in the organization of cultural activities and participation in the work of the various associations campaigns in order to be effective in the community. When develops information obtained through the work field here, you can be a successful politician, because the politics of the primary concerns of the community things that concerned with society as a whole and not an individual, and this is what makes your influence on a large community. Recipes political guy that has the talent to be, that is the political thought and understanding of talent, and this does not stop to polish his talent well. To be frank and expresses his views openly and influential. Should not be a political person that talks a lot, and he has to listen well and to accommodate different points of view and to choose the right time to express his point of view. You must be humble, humility naturally and not artificially. To be close to the pulse of the street, Valssayas expresses the opinions of the people, and therefore must be close to them. Political and sure of himself. Political is not affected by the opinion of others easily, and he should strive to convince his point of view. Political impatient person and non-emotional. Strong personality. His powerful and emotional speech in society. Have a lot of strong relationships with the incumbents and the men of the government. Strong language and speech attracts people. Good grooming and appearance. His wide culture in many areas of life. Types policy of containment policy: a policy that the United Nations ambassador to call it, which is based on the economic pressure on the Soviet Union and attacked and diplomatic pressure and the emphasis on intelligence work. Agglomeration policy: is a policy which seeks parties to join the coalition with each other, where each of the parties to cooperate with the other party to form their allies to cooperate among themselves in military and economic aspects. Ideological policy: This policy matters associated with policies of governments and states, and show the conduct and facilitate things, the group and its leadership, a series of decisions and actions taken by States to humanitarian groups and communities. We can consider that the right policy is to reconcile the various humanitarian approaches and interactions that J
Updated by members of the community with each other, it is also a relationship between the governor and the governed because it supreme authority in the state where it has the legitimacy and control of the army and police, must be for a politician to always show and express his opinion and analysis in all situations is difficult and challenging that community intervention in the maze and crises hard to get out of them and that creates tensions and show publicity and creating rumors spreading lies and promotion methods, and here begins the position of a man and a firm policy starts with an analysis of those facts and to develop ideas and put it on the decision makers. You, dear reader, to see the qualities and characteristics of politicians and the characteristics and opinion makers that are expanding in many of the sciences, and have you look at the history of contemporary political events, it is through that enables you to change anything from the bad events that experienced, moreover, follow the news and daily newspapers create and made a great deal of information on all renewable events daily, and political successful we must study the qualities and qualifications of Aalaalama successful journalist who could face the politicians, it is through the media that can prepare a media political platform expressing people's opinions and views and can through a program that analyzes the facts logically and impartially. Read more on Modua.kom: 


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