Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What is the meaning of development

The contents of the 1 development 2 of the concept of development 3 forms of development 4 development when the United Nations body 5 philosophers and development 5.1 Greeks 5.2 Aristotle 5.3 Arabs development can search of the assets of the first development since the early experiences of the first human achievement changes around him and was linked with the live tests and reflection of the differences in the assets of the classrooms, plant, human beings, animal. Confirmed that the changes that the world in the movement of non-parked in constant change, which has resulted in these observations and to the emergence of a philosophical debate on the nature of things, the nature of the variables that occur. The concept of development is the rise of the community and the transition of the static situation to a higher and better, and up to the Hassan to exploit energies that have located and latent and employment for the better. Language development is the growth and high thing from place to another place. Commonly termed development: is to achieve a rapid increase cumulative lasting over a period of time in production and services as a result of the use of the scientific efforts to organize joint activities of the governmental and grass-roots organizations. Forms of development of comprehensive development and integrated development in one of the key areas, such as: field economic, political or social or sub-domains; industrial development, or agricultural development, it can be said that it is a process of social change the scheme by the rights to move the society to better position and in line with its needs and potential economic, social and intellectual. That development is the process by which result in increased opportunities for the life of some people in the community, without decrease chances of the life of each other at the same time, the same community, a perceptible increase in production and services of a comprehensive and integrated and linked to the movement of society and affected, using scientific methods in technology and management and administration. Development when the United Nations there is no definition of ������ by the United Nations in 1956 provides that development is the processes whereby the efforts of both the people and the Government to improve the economic, social and cultural rights in the local communities; to assist them in their integration into the life of nations and contribute to their best. The philosophers and Greeks philosophers Greece were the first contributed to show this subject in the culture of Europe, including the heraclitus, who said in his philosophy, inter alia of the change, he clarified that the world in the evolution of the permanent change, and the famous saying: "You can not descend in the same river twice". He clarified that all is composed of , produces the internal tension, any conflict. Aristotle talked about the change from another side, he explained the nature of the State in the book of the policy of the existence of the system in the organic object moves from time to time; starts by birth, , finally, erosion, and death. The Arabs in the look


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