Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What is the definition of

The definition of education: there are several definitions of educational and these definitions of what is known as the linguists in  term of education as: (establishment of thing  immediately to the extent of the exactness with ) and the lord of the Boy [[riba]]: Guardian pledge including nourished by the polycentric ...). The definition the terminological educational: a group of operations can the international community and to convey the objectives of knowledge gained to maintain the survival, it also means at the same time the ongoing renovation of this heritage of individuals who hold him. It is the process of growth does not have any  only for further growth, true hydra considers life itself and regenerate growth. These are some of the definitions educational some ������ remind them: it is Hannan Herbart believed that what is meant by the knowledge of education is aware of "aims to configure individual for itself, and that awakens the many tendencies" Durkheim finds of Education said that "the composition of individuals socially configuration View the beneficial philosopher J. Mill that education is the"which make the individual and his excellency the tool for himself and others". The John Dewey ferry that education" meant the Operations Group of society or a social group, to transmit their 179-185 gained in order to secure the special presence continuing their. It briefly" continuous Organization experience." The objectives of education and the parents raising arising as adults, children learn what is to be done while the adults. As education Is as Good Citizen: the aims of education in the previous states is the preparation of the individual self-development of the qualities required and hence of education as preparation for religious purposes: to lift the inevitably science is to know Allah attributes, but science did not restrict this limit. Islamic Education (part of religious education): Islamic education is the process of building the rights and guidance for the preparation of the personality according to the approach of Islam and its objectives in life. And in education: the full education are those exposed to the man that all special duties), at the time of peace and in times of war with all's cleverness and pride. Knowledge and research method as the highest educational: the expansion of science clear since the beginning of the 17th century, and the results of the parking of human thought before this widening a pause confused is how to full briefing this knowledge, and finding a way as a crisis of access to knowledge of the socialization of: the socialization begins at home by the family where in the generation of breastfeeding early custody is the only dealer before moving her to the nanny at the kindergarten and nanny pupil quota in the school. Where the parameter is the essential agent in the upbringing of the child's social. And all the social upbringing of the family is the basic rule of child-raising and how we deal with him in the house in the stages of the first growth so arise and grows and it becomes difficult to change its behavior is there are cases of modifying the behavior of, and since the United


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