Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What is the definition of technology

Education Technology there is a lot of tariffs education technology recall: known Brown" as a way of the Organization to carry out the design and organization of the educational process fully and methods of implementation and methods of evaluation according to specific objectives in particular and depends on the results of the research on  and education and through human sources sources and non-human resources with a view to obtaining effective learning. Also defined: "As a process of overlapping and interrelated include individuals and methods in addition to the ideas and the necessary tools for the analysis of problems which interferes in the aspects of humanitarian education and then devise appropriate solution to the problems and their implementation and evaluating the results. The definition of educational technology called this technology and educational technology: learn that they emanated from the educational technology, and is a process that is integrated and vehicle consist of some of the ideas and people and some of the methods and the tools and management, which all aimed to access to analyze problems sound methods, in order to reach solutions to be effective and to implement these solutions, as well as to the evaluation and management of sound ways to education in meaningful 1974-1975. The difference between the Education Technology Education Technology Education Technology is more comprehensive technology in education. The field of education technology is the educational institutions, either Education Technology field is the educational institutions. The technology of education care in the building of all aspects of the personal, technology education is more particularly as it contributes to the building of certain parts of the personalities of the educated. Consistent educational technology with education technology in that both are based on: the theoretical basis: they are doing by the theory of actual practice. And agree at the entrance of the Systems: Any both go according to the scientific systems are not quick fixes or random. And concurs in the elements of one: Any both consists of (3) elements: tools and the human element, materials, reacts as these elements working in an integrated system. And agree to achieve the goal, and solving the problem: Any both seek to achieve the objective and purpose of both educational or educational and try to solve the problems of education and the educational hinder the achievement of the goals.


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