Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What is the definition of Mubarakeyya school

The contents of the 1 Definition of school 2 school features 3 goals school 4 conditions of acceptance of student 5 facilities and equipment 6 Ibid.para. definition of school school known as an institution that provides students and children and young people in science and education and is a building which teaches students reading and writing and math and sciences and studies of the various other, what are the features of the school and its objectives and where teaching centers different? And what are the facilities and equipment which requires provided in school and the advantages of the school of the advantages of the school that there be a school building location and spacious, and the existence of tuition for various activities and special section of girls, educational corps of qualified and experienced high �������� advanced curricula in the computer, and English, and the curriculum with state-of-the-art scientific approach, modern, and discounts for more of the students in the school as well as the first in the school that have the characteristics of more than others so that they constitute a motive for excellence and creativity, and the existence of courses for students with low level or the academic achievement of little to form defended the strengthening of the study of scientific terms the objectives of the school of the objectives of the school graduation of future generations and faith in the Islamic doctrine, including the learner husbandry those scientific facts and residences of concepts Incorrect graduate those generations. It also earn a learner scientific facts and the correct concepts of graduation generations of educated people carrying the high values of noble student gain also so-called scientific thinking and cultural awareness so as to be able to meet all its needs and solve its problems or problems of society the ocean. It is also to acquaint the learner response to the level reached humanitarian mechanism of sophistication and civilization and scientific progress in various aspects of life and all scientific, cultural and technical conditions for the acceptance of the Student required the student until his acceptance of the school as follows that the student advances the following documents dendrochronograph certificate from the competent authority approval of the crown prince is a student card image the submission of documentation in the file that the student is committed to the regulations of the system of school facilities and equipment requires that the facilities are available and the following equipment to be complete and ready process of teaching and education of the blackboard seats textbooks and educational means, and the maps attached on the walls equipped laboratories educational means stadiums arenas bathrooms and other much so your shows dear reader that the school is one of the most important public and which obliges the children and students enjoy The socialization of potable and and for them to be able to deal with the positions of Life


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