Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What is the definition of education

Science is the basis of the life of scientific and educational by which the transfer of information, ideas and trends, and skills through various means of agreed educators despite the difference in their attitudes. The fundamental objective of education is to prepare the individual forward on the path of learning. The contents of the 1 Definition of education 2 education methods and 3 types of education 4 Summary definition of education is the process of the Organization, which exercised by the instructor; with a view to the transfer of knowledge  to students, and the development of their attitudes toward it, is learning is the real output of the education process. Teaching methods to understand the term of education is divided into education methods to three types: 1. irregular situation. 2. Automatic. 3. The informal. Known as the formal education that is education that they are learning to people in the school known school education. Known as the automatic education that is education that they learn people through the exercise of their everyday life, such as: children learning through listening to the others . Known as the non-formal education that is education in the formal education and spontaneous. Education should be unofficial less disciplined of regular education, for example, was educated person teach people Rasool as a method to combat illiteracy. Types of education divides education in all civilized nations to two types: 1. General education. 2. Technical education or vocational training. Known as the public education that is education that focuses on the preparation of citizens have the ability to knowledge, enlightenment and responsibility, as this type of education on the transfer of the common culture from generation to generation, such as: education in primary stages; where studying materials such as: Geography, History, Science. Known vocational education that is education that focuses on the preparation of qualified professionals to work, schools are specialized secondary schools that are sometimes called the name of technical secondary schools and vocational schools Specialized secondary schools, where materials such as carpentry, minerals and electronics, agriculture and industry. There are other types of education include the special needs education, the so-called Special education or the so-called special education, it aims to special needs education educational programs for them; , dumb, and blind, disabled persons physically or mentally ill. And adult education programs for those who want to continue their education after a career break; this is done by the programs of additional studies in some universities, which provide an opportunity for the elderly to study decisions at the college level, and trade institutions, agencies and various community, the correspondent schools, hospitals, and industrial institutions, trade unions, museums, prisons, TV stations,


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