Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Violence against Women

Violence against women was used to refer to any acts of violence practiced in a deliberate way toward women. And the definition of violence against women by the Assembly of the United Nations as guided by the violent exercise based on sex, and it is possible that the ������ physical or psychological such as threat, deprivation, the prevention of freedoms. This type of violence may be committed by gender equality within the family or the State, there are many associations and organizations around the world which strive to reduce and prevent violence against women. It was allocating on 25 of the dryer January as the day for the elimination of violence against women. The history of violence against women to the days when the women to men was his property were women subordinate to men, in 1870 the United States suspended the law was giving the husband the right to punish his wife that mistook, either in the United Kingdom was legalized husband light  wife physically until perform their tasks in the best way. But was canceled also in 1891. Statistics on violence against women in France 95% of married women subjected to violence in Canada, 90% of men who engage in acts of violence against women in the family is not only the wife but sister, and other relatives of women in India, 8 of the 10 women subjected to violence and murder forms of violence against women: differs from violence against women among the form and another, there is no requirement that the beatings, but may be, rape, displacement and expulsion from home, or divorce injustice and deprivation of children, beating to abortion for pregnant women. Several years have emerged institutions and associations for the protection of women, preserve their rights, and protect them from violence, and thus the evolution of the matter to his calls for equality between women and men in rights and duties, in the work and the areas of daily life. In 1994 it became the protection of women against violence in all its forms of the texts of human rights.


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