Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unfamiliar ways stress

 1 The concept of abortion 2 Abortion Rule in Islam and its definition of 3 types of abortion methods 3.1 spontaneous abortion 3.2 therapeutic abortion project or deliberate 3.3 criminal abortion 3.3.1 Methods of criminal abortion 3.4 abortion using medicines, 3.5 of induced abortions or instigator or induced abortion concept of abortion is descending the fetus or the termination of pregnancy before completion of pregnancy, and completeness of the embryo growth. Abortion Rule in Islam and its definition of abortion is forbidden in all religions, especially in Islam an agreement after inflating the spirit, but might allow misinterpretation of the required; any when sperm- in the womb of women 40 days, or one hundred and twenty days, but disagreed scientists in the time of inflating the spirit;  scientists says inflating the spirit be after a hundred and twenty days, among the people of science was likely to be after 40 First, it does not exceed the fifth day of the session, which hopefully gets you out in womb God Almighty, I know. Types of abortion methods 1. spontaneous abortion 2-therapeutic abortion 3. Criminal abortion 4-abortion using drugs 5-induced abortions spontaneous abortion called the dropping of pregnancy or termination of pregnancy, so is a natural abortions happen automatically without the intervention of other factors for acceding onto, as well as without satisfactory factors led to the arrival, this happens during the first three months, several types: - Abortion threatened: in this abortion are pregnant women suffering from bled the quantity of blood and a few, and cervical cancer is fully closed, with the result that the pregnancy in the event of a threat to it at any time would abort automatically. - abortion is imperative: any abortion must fall; where torn bloody membranes which expand the cervix, talked about the case of abortion of the fetus. - incomplete abortion or full-: In this case, the pregnancy occurs strong bleeding collectivity, there shall be a part of the placenta in the womb. - Abortion profits or cache hidden at: in which a fetus dead since the period, either a month or more, then the carrier in order. Therapeutic abortion project or deliberate in this abortion doctor resort to termination of pregnancy and the fall of the embryo, but is permissible in certain limits and in cases of serious satisfactory may lead to the death of the mother, and it will be impossible to address the motherboard with the continuation of the pregnancy, or sometimes may lead to the death of the mother if the pregnancy, but that at the current time the evolution of medicine, becoming a serious cases to find a cure, such as: pregnant women's heart disease; where possible to hold open-heart surgery, and expand the valves, sometimes may be distorted embryo then Doctors resort to abortion, can also get rid of this pregnancy; as it works to maintain the health of pregnant women mental and physical health. Criminal abortion here using pregnant women something inciting to download pregnancy abort, women doing the abortion and then go to the doctor as if it is to abort the spontaneous de


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