Tuesday, February 16, 2016

To resist with human waste resources

We are in an era of hard work and how many large companies increased considerably in the recent past and have become competition, including the greatest so that seeks each company, ranking top in the field of specialization without a rival worked to achieve that all what Otti have the potential of one of the most important elements that accorded considerable attention is the Human Employment and worked on the rehabilitation and training at the highest levels of Fadi to the emergence of human development of this science, which achieved the endeavors of the companies in access to the summit and push production wheel forward to let us know the concept of human development and the identification of objectives implementation steps to reach the desired goals and the types of training adopted by companies: the meaning of human resources development: Is the work to raise the production process through training and qualification of human labor to raise the level of The skills and capacity development of their employment in the best place to reach the desired results according to a set of standards and norms and the steps taken in advance according to the capabilities of the trainees. The objectives of human resources development: for such specialization several goals: 1. Increasing the productive capacity of the company to the maximum possible steps. 2. Work on the permanent development of productive human efficiency to develop their abilities to the maximum extent and employing them correctly. 3. Work on the development of the capacity of the Innovation and adoption of new ideas and to advance the production in the company forward. 4. The support of the management system in the company. 5.The Division and organization of work in accordance with the capacity and skills of the staff. 6.curtail the control of foreign labor to high positions or indispensable after arrival of the results required competencies of the company. Steps to human resources development in action: 1. The identification of existing skills and the establishment of goals depending on such skills and then develop a plan for the implementation of these goals. 2. The implementation of the plan for training and the time and place appropriate to start training. 3 after the expiration of the period of training is to return to the field and an attempt to show the extent of the use of training through the adoption of new ideas and implementation. The types of training: 1. Training provided to occupy positions in the company. 2. Continuous training spaced at intervals of employment to maintain productive capacity and development. 3. To organize training and the division of labor and to promote some of the competencies in the company. It showed the attention of companies in this field progress impressive results in raising the productive capacity of the company to the highest levels


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