Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The theme of tolerance

Tolerance is tolerance one of the humanitarian principles and what we mean here is the principle of tolerance, humanitarian law and the tolerance of Islam mean forgetting the painful past whole our, also abandon our desire to harm others for any reason has happened in the past, a strong desire to open our eyes to see the benefits of the people rather than to judge them �������� or condemn anyone of them. Tolerance is also the feeling of mercy and compassion, love, and all this is present in our hearts, and important to us that the world around us. Tolerance and also to open your heart, and there is a feeling of anger in the presence of the negative feelings of any person in front of you. Tolerance can learn that all human beings are mistaken, and good that the mistaken rights. Tolerance in language also means tolerance; with tolerance be half by happiness, punishments and requests from the Creator to forgive you and forgive you. Punishments and the tolerance of the people closest to you; on your parents  and all of your missed, and Tolerance is not easy but for those who reach can't, namely tolerance also request to allow of yourself and others. The definition of tolerance commonly termed the tolerance of the concept of the amnesty mean when estimated, and the response of the abuse of abuse, and disdain for the de minimis, uplift human self-esteem to the rank of high moral, tolerance and moral concept sociable called for by all prophets and messengers and reformers; the role of great significance in achieving the unity, solidarity and cohesion of societies and the elimination of differences and conflicts between and among individuals and groups, Tolerance means respect for the culture and creed and values of others, a basic pillar of human rights, democracy and justice, human freedoms. Not only tolerance for others, but for the sake of ourselves and to get rid of the errors that we, the sense of shame guilt, which we still keep the reverberated through, tolerance in deep meaning is to forgive ourselves. It is in this respect that we see how great is the tolerant souls which forget abuse around them, and remains the swallow follies, rights and wrongs, not only because it loved ones sincere love makes it  on those follies, and bearing in mind that there was no human being no good, but needs to Mukhlas looking for that good, they ; because they bear in mind that offends the other may live in difficult circumstances led it to harm those around him, but he finds the  to atone for his mistake.. Tolerance may reduce many of the problems that occur between peers and lovers; unfortunately probably, not to seek excuses, a person is your friend, and brother you, but conduct a mistake the world has been stirred, started the devil whispers must be as such because he wanted so, or said such intended so, he did not say that the floor for something no reason, but from which unwittingly, therefore, we can say that we have to weigh our words before exiting; because the floor a bullet, if not. To be great our souls such as


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