Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The second longest tower

The contents of the 1 Taipei 1.1 designed 1.2 The most important point is the 1.3 the safety of Taipei tower there is in the different regions of the world places architectural buildings, made from the areas of the great importance of economic hand as well as tourist attractions, as a result of attracting them a large number of tourists both from the same States and even from neighboring states and different parts of the world, the most prominent of these buildings of what is known as the tower of Taipei or the second largest tower in the world which was his residence in the form of a skyscraper in the Taiwanese capital dated 18.10.2003, and took the title of the second largest tower in the world instead of Petronas tower located in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Designed due designed Inc.. And any. Li (C.Y. Lee ), either for project management and follow-up to the inter alia construction associated with it undertook the company got the Turner International �, similar Taipei in the determination of the leg of bamboo, and has pointed tip along up to 60 feet, and constitutes one of the longest towers of the world so that up to 508 meters any 1.667 feet, as a result of the presence of the head or edged summit it surpasses his Malaysian counterpart "", tower consists of 101 floors, sometimes called the Taipei 101 proportion to the number of floors, either a total area of 198.347 $1,049,000 square meters any equivalent (2.336.000 square feet), in addition to the presence of 77.033 sq. tie 796.000 square feet retail space, customized space vehicles up to Wyndham Dominicus Palace boasts square meters equivalent to 893.000 square feet and can accommodate more than Of the 1,800 cars. The most important point is this derives from the giant tower design concept of Chinese culture and tradition, the procedure as well as the outer materiel as similar in construction and all of the design of the pagoda (the structure of the Chinese Temple), the format of the leg of bamboo, in addition to the external form is the figure eight, which refers in Chinese culture to luck and success and flowers, so dubbed (lucky number) as well as the number of segments of the building. Design features the existence of floors called cotemporary observation or watching it all from the floor 89th in addition to 91st, Yaacoub highest restaurant in Taiwan, and feature lifts this great edifice high pace, so as to speed up to (reached 1.010 meters/RPM, i.e. the equivalent of 55 second' is the 2 lifts and get the world lifts, can access to the floor 89th during the nine just thirty minutes! The degree of security considers Taiwan as one of the most areas prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, in order to avoid being exposed to was the easiest so that contains the heat sink different seismic, through its position in the structure of the construction itself, and the principle of the work of this system on the Currency kinetic energy  to blocks steel construction gives a firmer and more stable and additional.


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