Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The oldest city in the world

There is a difference bin historians of the oldest inhabited city and still until now in the world some historians said it is a city of Palestinian Jericho and some of it said Damascus city in the Levant. We will come to the city of Jericho in Palestine. Jericho city in Palestine : a Palestinian with a long history and upheld and is located on the west bank of the River Jordan reportedly dating back to about ten thousands of years before Christmas. The origin of the designation of Jericho city with this name dating back to the origin of the High Commissioner, which means , meaning the moon as the language of the people of the Arab Peninsula at that time. It  means (�(the oldest town, according to the Jewish Torah either with the name Syriac suffering smell. More than� Jericho city in the Roman era where the effects of a roman show this clear. Jericho is the city of Canaanite dialect of the oldest Canaanite cities in this age, dating back to the Canaanites To The Stone Age. Attacked by the Hyksos between 1750 - 1600 BC the Hyksos held their base of Ze'evi, Israel built by the Yesha Bin Nun in 1188 BC and the burning of the city and the elimination of the then remove  Bani Israel, led by theirs Ajlun, which it was named the city of Ajlun His Jordanian in the 6th century BC has become under the rule of the Persian Gulf .then became under the Islamic rule in the era of our master, Omar Bin Al-Khattab The Omayyad caliph Hisham Bin Abdul Malik and the construction of the palace where it called Hisham Palace then crusader income and become a center of the crusader army under the leadership of Raymond hospitalized immediately after hearing the arrival of Muslim leader Salahuddin Al Ayoubi between 1517 - 1918 signed the city of Jericho under Ottoman rule after World War The first time under the British mandate and then became under the rule of the Jordanian al-Hashemi after the unification of the two shores in 1967 took place after the Israeli aggression under the rule of the hebrew state (Israel). The city of Jericho in the eastern part of Palestine on the bank of the River Jordan-Garbiyeh, a city located under the sea level at 258 meters below the surface of the Sea is a winter resort to the people of Palestine and tourists they come between the City of Jerusalem in Palestine and the city of Amman in Jordan to finally became a city of Jericho under the rule of the Palestinian National Authority in 1994 under the Agreement on Gaza and Jericho first.


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