Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The objectives of the training and evaluation

The definition of training: The objectives of the training and evaluation of the concept of training and development: training and development is an organizational effort scheme to facilitate the workers to acquire skills associated with work and access to knowledge to help improve performance and the goals of the Organization. In another definition of training and development" is the processing of the individual for the fruitful work and keep the service level required, is the type of guidance issued from one person to another human being." And in another definition of the training and development means: "organized effort and planned to provide manpower in the administrative system of the certain knowledge, and improve and develop the skills and capacities, and change their behavior and attitudes in a positive and constructive. It concludes that the definitions:. 1. The training and development is a continuous process during the life of the individual in accordance with their needs as an individual and as a member of the community, and is trying to make changes in the patterns of behavior through exposure to the methods and means of advanced training. 2. The training and development is an important means of the individual is intended to give a full opportunity for individuals to perform the work required of them efficiently and therefore it is a means for the development of the capabilities of the individual which to obtain the greatest benefit of his person and his organization Muslim ought the ocean. 3. The efficiency in the training process linked to a range of training elements of the task and which of them: the coach and the trainee, place of training and development, and time, the content of the training and development and training methods and development and education, and different development. The importance of training: in order to achieve the objectives of administration relies on two key. The material resources b. Human resources management and the Department and the training of its members and their continued to provide them with information and skills and directions necessary for them to be able to perform their current and future efficiently and effectively. The importance of training and development what benefits for each of the 1. Individuals: where training and development to improve their capacity to resolve the various problems. 2. Small groups: training and development to strengthen the ties between the small groups, and works to open channels of communication among them. 3. Administrative Organizations: where training and development to increase the efficiency of the Organization and its effectiveness. 4. The Community: Work to improve productivity in society and also the growth of national income. Believing in the importance of training and development has increased the attention of the various organizations of this activity, where a variety of training programs and at various levels. The spread of the institutes and schools to provide different training programs and be held to raise and the development of manpower competence and effectiveness, is a reflection of the importance of training and development in the lives of individuals and organizations. The concept of ����� training is a meaningful process to measure the effectiveness of the training plan and efficiency and the amount of the achieved the desired objectives and to highlight the aspects of weakness and strength. Also known as also the actions measured by


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