Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The most beautiful a problem in the world

The most beautiful car in the world from the US does not want a luxury car felt when taken with a sense of grandeur?a car feel inside you the king within your kingdom orders and ends, and moving your kingdom, according to your desires even if the crazy ����� in recklessness and indifference? The US does not relish the beautiful cars luxury high-tech specs imagination?and from the US does not want to possess, and if not possessing the mere take a picture or leaning leadership experience if for a moment? And in ������ this we will present some of the most beautiful in the world: 1. A car  new coupe of BMW: the type of X6 and come this vehicle several types such as: - XDrive / 35 i:and comes with the hard six discs 3.0L with more than double the 300 generates a horse. - XDrive / 50i:and comes with a new drive eight cylinders �4.4 double over generates 400 of the horse. And the vehicle can acceleration from 0 to 60 miles ����5.3 only seconds. 2-Range Rover 2012:Come this vehicle my 3 doors or 5 doors of 3-Cadillac Escalada 2012: the new car completely from Cadillac equipped with modern specifications and developed it inside are all of the skin and surrounded by an audio system and indicators road sensor, and security features and protection. 4. Ford  2012 Ford Expedition: where the company issued a U.S. Ford pictures of Ford expedition, 2012, where they will be landed in markets soon, 5. Rolls-royce rice 2012: And this feature luxury car as one occupant only 6. Mercedes cls 2012: and by recently Mercedes  bringing with it new standards to the world of Coupe cars, and their features: - have  up its strength to 306 horses with the CLS 350 - to 8CD shipper review measuring 408 horses with the CLS 500 and pictures of this fantastic car: 7-and I will confine the end of these vehicles car porsches 2012 year where the German Porsche one of the most important and the most successful car makers authentic Sports and Porsche remains one of the most exciting cars and equalities contained many confidence and of Some advantages: - the main engine of the capacity of 3.6 Liters - have 6 strongly cylinders 290 hp - system


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