Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The most beautiful places of Turkey

Turkey is the state of the Middle East and Asia to Europe, where an area of east longitude in Asia and West toward the continent of Europe, is the linking between the two continents, as are the period in the east, west, north and south, that led to the diversity of the terrible climate in the valley of the emergence of a climate of four chapters at the same time; making tourist country in first class, in addition to the territories which contained in Turkey, in addition to the many civilizations, Eastern State, advanced by the civilization of the East and the West, this makes the diversity of incoming tourists from all nationalities, diversity in the territories and the diversity in the multinational force. Here, we discuss the most important tourist areas: Turkish Istanbul: The capital of Turkey, the economic capital of tourism, trade and cultural real to Turkey, the first leg to receive tourists from outside the country, climate features that hot, humid summer, and humidity is relatively high, cold ������ and temperatures zero with the fall of snow, either fall and spring ������ with the fall of some of the rains in these chapters. The most important sights in Istanbul: Sultanahmet Mosque or the so-called Blue Mosque: naming this name because the Sultan Ahmed is he built in 1916m, and is considered a masterpiece of brilliant engineering, naming this name because his close circle of the Interior predominantly blue color. Mosque: built in 1558m by order of the Sultan Suleiman legal system, and a group of schools and bathrooms and shops, Hotel, Hospital. The Covered Market: built in 1461m, is located in the Pajazit Nushi visited by about half a million tourists a day, the oldest covered markets globally. The Bosphorus Bridge: Located in the Ortakoy area, which is one of the bridges linking between Asia and Europe, with a length of 1510m, the Bridge 16th worldwide of the longest bridges. The Princes Islands: the words of eight islands in the Sea of Marmara, hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops, away from the Istanbul is a desk, up to the tourist ships and boats. Other landmarks as:The Mosque of Sultan Mohammad Al-fateh, Galata Castle, Tel order brides, Eminonu area and other. Bursa: the capital of the Ottoman State, is famous for its monuments and historic, and its scenic, located on the Sea of Marmara, warm climate in summer and humidity up at Mount ��������� 69%, cold winter with rainfall. The most important sights are: Mount Largest Mountain on the scope of the Marmara Sea, features winter tourism where winter from October to April, in 1933m roads were constructed this mountain, in 1963 regulates built  said the first  in Turkey. Luna Park: large public park, features the greenery of its own, the spread of flowers, go to families with small ones and enjoy amaze the slave trade. The eyes of the warm water: the temperature reaches 45 degrees centigrade, and has built then the Pain


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