Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The most beautiful of the islands of the world

The islands have islands on the scenic beaches and beautiful resorts, giving an opportunity to isolate the visitor is away from all what Roils life and minimum concerns and problems, in this article, we will focus the light on the most beautiful islands in the world where the purity and well-being and enjoyment. The most beautiful islands in the world there are around the world islands of the finest and most beautiful tourist islands in the world, which provides an atmosphere suitable for vacations and honeymoon, these islands: the island of Bora Bora: an island of the Leeward Islands in French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. The Cook Islands: named after the name of the explorer James Cook the discoverer of New Zealand and east coast of Australia, who became a British protectorate in 1770m, and the transfer of the management of the rule to New Zealand in 1900, and in the year 1965 chose the resident population free association with New Zealand. Maldives islands: the rich islands of the definition, there are many topics that you are talking about, and the chain of the island of Paros Desk, hotels,  resorts. The Spanish island of Mallorca: an island than described the imagination of its splendor and beauty. U.s. island views. Moorea Island of French Polynesia: is a block of beauty and elegance of the charming nature. The island of Phi" in Thailand: named lovers Island, and feature luxury distinctive services, tourism, luxury what find without a competitor. Santorini island Greek": in the utmost luxury, perhaps is new to you but a safe haven for the travel and tourism lovers full entertainment. Seychelles: is the most magnificent islands always, especially with regard to the services and the beautiful landscapes and comfort to the full. The Solomon Islands: the timid wonderful islands and luxury beyond the borders, a State which is located in the South Pacific, composed of more than 990 islands, the total area of 28450 km2, with the capital of Honiara.  islands. The Nansha Islands: the Nansha Islands in the south of all the islands in the South China Sea, which consists of more than 230 freely island Sand Island. Length from the south to the north of more than 920 kilometers, and from the east to the west of more than 740 kilometers, and space between the islands and the mainland and less than 3 square kilometers and the most important is the islands Taiping  and others. Weizhou Island: Located Weizhou Island on the southern sea near the city of BEIHAI, Guangxi province, and is the largest and most modern volcanic island in China and the largest island in the province, the atmosphere is moderate in summer and winter and the rate of where temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius throughout the year, where heavy rainfall so the forests and prosperous. Xisha Islands: the Xisha and Nansha Islands in the south-east of the island of Hainan province 330 kilometers, is similar to the lotus flower blossoms on the surface of the South China Sea. It consists of 45 freely island sand island spread from north-east to south-west in the maritime field. Rainfall in the


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