Tuesday, February 16, 2016

the moldive Islands Islands

Aljazeera known as the area of any land territory and that this region surrounded by water, including the small in size does not exceed a few kilometers and can equal the volume of examples of the island of Cyprus. One of the distinctive islands and the beautiful: Maldives islands which features the charm and circumstances of beauty and the wonderful air force, and it is suitable for all tourism  where

Maldives islands in the continent of Asia as it is located in the Indian Ocean but of small islands, and the Maldives is a Muslim republic despite its name Gharib, where the number of muslims where more than they perform symposia of the Islamic religion without facing any obstacles, such as the other Islamic countries. (summary) where the Maldives islands? _ Maldives island located in the Asian continent, in size is very small in the Indian Ocean, the Equator is located in the south of the _ the capital of the island of Maldives are Male, beautiful city preserves the markets and mosques, _ became the Maldives island was liberated from the hands of the English in 1965 _ monopolize the Maldives Island only Muslims live in the presence of those who embraces other religions which _ considered  is the official language of the island of Maldives and many of the items of the Arabic language. _ called on the island of Maldives presidential as headed by led by be run by the President and the appointment of the various ministries. _ Maldives Island is an island or area or tourist resort comes to tourists from different parts of the world - that encouraged the island of Maldives on the establishment of many of the resorts large tourist very beautiful which obliges visitors and tourists coming from the various regions of the world, celebrating the beauty of the island of Maldives and work to satisfy themselves and their lives for their beauty and the accuracy of the designed rise of the sea level _ are Maldives Island despite the surprising name of Muslim region, as most Muslims who do the jurisprudence of their religion, all of worships in Maldives island without facing any obstacle is the Democratic Republic of the Muslim, as the rest of the Arab and Muslim countries, are confined to the people of the range of the year of our Prophet Mohammad  him, either from the rest of the  communities; Salafists and Druze Sunni, Shiite and other many communities do not exist on the ground of Maldives islands. _ was called Maldives islands in the past by Arabs b ���� deadlines, _ Island of Maldives include many of the Coral Islands Small _  Island is divided into several areas of 'endemic mismatch of the population and the rest leave for tourism and fishing, and the resorts and hotels huge _ that what distinguished the Maldives island resorts and beyond and height of the water level _ longer Maldives islands, a key member of the Commonwealth countries _descend from the assets of the majority of the population of the Maldives from the sub-continent Indian, coasts and bank . _ famous island of Maldives to work in trade such as fish and shellfish marine ambergris _ because some retreat


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