Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Meaning of domestic violence

The contents of the 1 Domestic Violence 2 forms of domestic violence 3 Reasons for domestic violence 3.1 social causes 3.2 Economic reasons 3.3 Political Reasons 3.4 and cultural causes of domestic violence when we talk about domestic violence, we must define violence in general: the use of physical force or the moral force in an aggressive manner to cause harm to any other person. Domestic violence if it is: the use of force and abuse verbal or physical or sexual violence by one of the family members toward another individual within the family itself, which consists of husband and wife and sons, resulting in damage to the disruption of myself, social or physical abuse. Forms of family violence and domestic violence is not limited to a specific time or place but is there since the story of the "Qabil " to this day, and is distributed geographically in every spot on this earth practiced - unfortunately. Individuals belonging to all religions, races and socio-economic classes, we can divide the domestic violence to three types: violence against women. Violence against children. Violence against older persons. The causes of domestic violence is the issue of the proliferation of domestic violence to keep up with the evolution of life of the times as one of the most prominent problems of this evolution of life, life in the past were built on the basis of the "extended family" which consists of parents and sons and sons of the children, the distribution of power and the equally so as not to extermination of the strongest the weaker without Hinders for Returning or interference by the members of the extended family, but can also be the distribution of the causes of the spread of domestic violence as follows: social causes starts from the birth of the Child and the method of education and attention, passing the distinction in treatment and discrimination between brothers, sisters, sons, and promoting the behaviors of violence and urge them directly or indirectly, the many differences between the spouses and the constant threat of separation or even de facto separation. Economic reasons are those which we note its presence in the overcrowded families on the number of its members under the small housing hardly accommodate, is the head of the family meet its requirements because of the low-income, those members of the family to violent behavior to solve their problems. For political reasons, whether in countries under occupation or where the policy of political persecution by the Governments of these countries tyrant, noting that many of those who exercised their right of torture and political persecution by their governments or the occupation government in prisons and other usually subjected to psychological shock affect the behavior of individual and social toward others � to violence as a means to solve their problems. Cultural reasons usually linked to information and how the minds and guidance of the observers and the public, and other factors such as envy, and conviction, hatred, and jealousy, weak role of religions, religious Further influencing factors are: levels in directing the thought of individuals.


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