Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The largest lakes of the world

Reflected innovation of the creator of Almighty God in all create, proof of the greatness of strength, tyranny, considers creativity in human and animal nature and scenic spots and natural monuments to dazzle us of mountains and plains and oceans and seas; internantional is large, including what is small but very accurate and beauty, and will speak in this article of the creation of God's Creations come in nature, the Great Lakes region. What is the biggest lake in the world? Lake Caspian sea sometimes by sea or lake, the reason collected the characteristics of the sea and the lagoon and; where it contains many inhabited islands including uninhabited areas, and some islands in the stock of oil, and that is what makes it so-called by sea, on the other hand is limited water five beaches of the mentioned previously, and that is what makes it called lake. The largest lake in the world, an area with an area of 371 1,000 square kilometers, is the largest sea closed in the world; where length reaches troopers km, up to 300 km, the maximum depth of 1023 meters. Named after a Caspian City of Iran. Limiting the lake from the north Russia, North West Azerbaijan, and west Iran, southern Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan from the east. Injured in the lake several rivers: the River Volga as a major source of the waters of the Caspian Sea next year from Russia, together with  river from Russia, the Ural River, which comes from Kazakhstan, the Kura river next year of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the river and the White House next year from Iran. Uses sturgeon fish estuaries these rivers to put  Have the swamps of the north east shore of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan on the largest oil fields in the world, allegedly Tengiz Field. Months the world lakes Lake Victoria: the largest lake in the continent of Africa, is also the second largest lakes in the world; wherefeature, and approximately 69 Km. Lake Baikal: these are the lake and the deepest lake on the surface of the earth; where they are located in the center of the Asian continent, ranging from approximately 31722 kilometers. Lake Como: these are the lake from months romantic lakes on the surface of the earth; where the forum lovers celebrities, originally a glacial lake, and approximately 146 km away.


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