Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The definition of men's violence

The contents of the 1 Violence 2 types and causes of violence 2.1 Physical abuse 2.2 psychological abuse 2.3 sexual abuse and violence known as the violence as "the behavior of wilful directed toward the goal, both  or non-verbal, includes the face of others material or moral, accompanied by threatening terms, and the basis of natural inclination." Violence against children is one of the most prominent manifestations of the neglect of children, in the view of many scholars that the concept of negligence is determined on the basis of prevailing culture, economic factors, political, social and ethical values, and the nature of the local community that occurs. Specialists varies in this area,  social workers in direct services, health care professionals. Types and Causes of violence Physical abuse up to now is not to reach a unified definition of physical abuse, but one of the Teachers has defined as harm to the actual or potential on the child or cooperation to prevent, as well as the poisoning of deliberate child, or strangled. In general, we can say that the physical abuse of children is any type of conduct to deliberate, resulting events of damage and injury to the body of the Child, and exercised by one or both parents or others around children or strangers to the child, geared toward one of the children in the family, or all, whether in the form of the work of the cause of the child (such as beatings or incineration or strangulation or imprisonment or link), or any other acts indirectly could cause injury to the child (e.g. the provision of treatment to on or off, or not to give the child enough food). Psychological abuse different labels on the concept of this type of abuse, there are called psychological abuse, or emotional abuse, according to some, the psychological abuse, containing the threat, or intimidation, or verbal abuse, or the claim of doing unrealistic. Knows some professors and psychological abuse of children as "any conduct or deliberate action, issued by one or both parents or others around children or strangers to the child, toward one or all of the children in the family causes in the events of any kind of damage and injury to the child, using methods which cause pain psychologically child , or neglected, or rejection of, or threat to, or intimidate them, or directing the words of prey, or ill-treatment, or distinction between him and his brothers or deprived of compassion, love and affection, to acts that cause psychological harm to the child as a result of it" of sexual abuse is known as sexual abuse of a child as any contact coercive or Ali Hely, or repackaged with a child, through a person than younger (no greater than five years or more), for the purpose of investigating sexual satisfaction of the person of older, also known as the sexual exploitation of the actual or potential of the child or teen.


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