Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The biggest world homes

The biggest house in the world biggest house in the world is the Emirates Palace and the Palais is located in Abu Dhabi, where he is a part of the Hotel (hotel) built by the princes of Abu Dhabi and but his administration under the hands of  company. Number of rooms is 302 room and a number of its wings and 92 suites. Opened this palace in 2005 where this is a 5 star hotel and its property in 25\ January 2008 happened this palace on the award of the " international five star diamond "as the best product in the Middle East. Breathtaking views of the palace: overlooking the lakes of Khaled and and also located near many of the commercial markets and malls. And all the rooms either overlooking the sea or the garden. The Sections: has two sections and west and east and each Liaison Office, and the rooms and suites of the divided over 7 floors. The design of the rooms and furniture: The furniture is very luxury combines Arab authenticity and modern services, offer luxury and comfort, and rooms are luxury and elegance. Services: offers many Italian restaurants and restaurants which are seafood and especially rare, and restaurants Italian dining, and many restaurants offer drinks and restaurants of meetings of businessmen and restaurants for children's meals and also restaurants and barbecue fish and the authorities and the various entrees. Public services in the Minors: Palace offers guests many public services that increase the well-being, such as swimming pools and massage services and a sports center and a kids club and a bike rental and shopping centers and laundry and cleaning service and the airstrip and two security guards and playgrounds for children and many, many, many other services. Services in the rooms: Flowers daily and flat-screen tvs and bathrobes and slippers and room service Wireless �������� and the loveliest in command: Remote control for the curtains and lighting, as well as to the family and women sofas and a hairdryer and toiletries.


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