Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The biggest airport in the world

Every person in the world thinks that it has a vision in airports in terms of the classification of the size or the goods received but there is no global institutions based on the classification of airports in terms of their quality  and services provided by the sky institution trucks specialized in decision-making and classification of airports. The biggest airport in the world has been rated airport is the Changi International in Singapore was selected as many times as the best airport in the world by the sky trucks have been classified in the last two years as the best airport in the world owing to the excellent services and facilities promotional huge recreational and includes more than 200 species of trees in the garden of the interior decor depends on the lighting to reduce the level of tension among the passengers. There are many airports around the world recall here some of the most important in terms of magnitude and service  - Munich International Airport in Germany age more airports the world in terms of the number of passengers, the number of travelers approximately 37 million passengers annually, according to the latest official statistics and statistics of the sky trucks, features a sensational service of restaurants, markets and contains recreational areas  children games. - the international airport of Heathrow in London and the third world airports in terms of the number of travelers and congestion, and residents of the city they consider more crowded regions in the British kingdom and accented by the superb organization and numerous shopping areas inside. - Inchon International Airport in South Korea classified as the finest airports for 7 consecutive years by the international aviation because of its interest in the cultural aspect of cultural and civilizational where there is a large exhibition shows Korean culture beside the service areas, entertaining and excellent services such as the Internet and shopping centers and comfort. - Vancouver International Airport in Canada is the best airport in North America according to the classification adopted by the international aviation and has recently been refurbished at a cost of nearly 1.5 billion dollars. - Beijing Capital International Airport in the People's Republic of China is known as the second most airports in the world's most populous country where he serves approximately 78 million passengers annually and intends to the owner company to expand and become the biggest world airports, featuring the Beijing airport large facilities for business travellers and the presence of all the services and amenities the traveler needs at the airport. - Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which serves more than 50 million passengers annually and distinguishes it contain huge library and found a huge lounge games.


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