Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Arrange all airports around the world

The order of the world's airports airports are the stations that moves to and from the travelers when traveling from place to place, whether for work or tourism, work or treatment and other there are many airports around the world using the latest technologies and aircraft in the service and comfort to its travelers and use the latest technology to offer travelers the time and effort and toil and airports have control towers to regulate the movement of aircraft and who maintained the preservation and led by a person with expertise and knowledge of high-aircraft, air travel of the fastest travel routes and the number of incidents in which the most secure travel may reach your destination in record time compared to other travel and now we will discuss the best airports around the world and some of its advantages. I do not know what are the criteria governing the order of preference airports but it would seem that what is known to us is known at the specialists in this area, the following arrangement is according to international standards in this regard which take into account many factors, including the issue of security, safety and protection and easy procedures and so forth: the first - occupied the Changi Airport in Singapore ranked first in the world for the year 2013 in the list of the best airports around the world, according to company - a company specialized in the classification of airlines and airports around the world, solutions to Abu Dhabi International Airport in ranked twentieth globally as the best airport in the Middle East. In the following list which "now we will review the best ten airports on the level of the world for the year 2013 -: The Tenth Congress: have got to London Heathrow Airport in Britain has started London airport work in 1929 as small, and was subsequently developed as in 1944 and reached the movement of passengers annual 2012 about 70 million passengers. The ninth position: won by the Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport) in Japan was the opening of this airport in 1930 and today is the most active of the five airports in the world in terms of the movement of passengers, in terms of passenger traffic annual session 2012, which amounted to about six and sixty million travelers. Eighth: won the this center Vancouver International Airport in Canada this is the only airport in the world, in the Americas within ten best airports in the world, and reached the passenger traffic annual 2012 about 17 million passengers. The seventh Center: This Center was the share of Zurich Airport in Switzerland and was opened in 1948 and is considered the biggest airport in Switzerland the movement of passengers when the annual session 2012 about twenty five million travelers. The Sixth: and occupied this Center Munich Airport in Germany where the opening of this airport in 1992 is classified as a within more than ten of the busiest airports in Europe, where the movement of passengers by 2012 about thirty eight million passengers. Fifth: once housed at the Beijing international airport in China, has been the opening of this airport in


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