Friday, January 27, 2017

The most important political books

Political science concerned with many people, especially academics and politicians were in the science of politics, and falls this field of knowledge, which under the Humanities box, and is considered one of the most complex fields that require exceptional effort to understand all mysteries and Baaah, so some people called "dirty game", and if you interested in in-depth understanding of policy and interpretation of what is happening on the international scene properly and realistically you read the following political books that gives you a sound infrastructure and strong, and make you enter this science and adopt your ideas and political trends, the scientific spirit and strong political and solid foundation. "The most important political books" Rules 48 to power: an American book published in 1998 by author Robert Greene, and is one of the most important and most popular political books that talked about the most important historical stages and eras experienced by East and West, and shed Greene where light on the rulers and princes methods of governance the corridors of the mysteries and machinations of the royal palaces to present to the reader at the end of the day 48 basic rule of influence and power in politics, with the constant assertion that politics is almost devoid of ethical standards and principles, and which he says: "does not shine more than your boss even if you are better than him, and seek the help to achieve Gat Mqasdk hiding, Never trust your friends, care of your reputation because the price of your life, draw attention to you at any price, "was accompanied by a group of these tips historical evidence and strong examples that substantiate the words of the writer proof and evidence. Novel all the King's Men: It is one of the most famous and best political novels written in the twentieth century, he authored the American writer Robert Penn Warren, and focused where mainly to talk about demagogic political figure who had a love and a wide range of people, and enjoy its owner bondage of the masses to him, at a time which succeeds to be a dictator without showing it, where he is the leader most of his time in talking about change for the better, reform and tackling corruption, and returns the rights to their owners in his speeches, which is a mixture of lies and corruption and promises sincere and sees depth in reading this novel that the author intended and certain present figure on the ground, a governor of one of the American States, called the Hui Long name as a model for the corrupt governor, his strong tongue eloquent and convincing false and deceptive to his people at the same time. Book Prince famous Machiavelli or Nicola Machiavelli to the writer, it is a detailed talk about how to access government or authority and to maintain influence, arguing that morals and values ??do not fit into the political work but is hindered, and should be a separation between the two sides for the success of governance, also finds that policy function adjustment with reality and not change it, and summed up his thoughts in the most famous private Almqolten him: "in matters should be considered too, not the medium," "it is better to Akhcak people that love you."

The concept of political parties

Political parties are numerous political parties in every country in the modern world, in the Arab countries it became the political parties exert important roles in the overall work and consolidation of modern democratic models, despite the fact that many researchers in political science argue that the Arab peoples are still not interacting with party activity to the extent required, but the citizens' awareness of the concept of political parties and their role in the development of future plans of countries will lead to greater participation in party activities that fit the thought of every citizen, it is not limited to the concept of modern political parties in the academic definition, but includes both the vision and the goal of these parties in general the purpose of the establishment in the foundation. Political party identification is no more than the definition of a political party, according to academic studies in political science, including the political party is a legal organization that seeks to get to the head of the ruling power in a democracy and the exercise of judgment in accordance with the political, social and economic partisan program, including the fact that the political party is a democratic organization practiced process democracy within the party to elect its members to assume leadership positions in the party and to develop visions and strategic objectives, and outside the party to participate in elections at various levels, whether local or parliamentary or presidential, and linking in general the political party among the citizens who embrace the political vision and one is the vision of the party and between the regime and the toolkit different state. The role of political parties, including the political party working in the intermediary between the people and the system of government in the Democratic kinds of systems Basically, the various parties have a key and important roles in that form of government, most notably the drafting of the needs and problems of citizens and put forward proposals to resolve them and submit them to various government agencies in legal and awareness-raising activities and to educate voters about the political system and election propaganda for the party's vision for the progress of the state, and the pressure on governments to meet the demands of the people in the various sectors of political, economic, social, political parties as well as working to spread propaganda among the citizens of the ideas and the nomination of their representatives in the elections. The terms of the origins and functioning of political parties does not ensure that all states establish political parties and in accordance with the systems of governance and constitutions followed them, while ensuring some countries the freedom to establish political parties, but with the lack of a suitable environment for the work of the party to provide, and you need the political parties to work on the ground and achieve a democratic form representative of several factors, the most important provision of freedom of association and assembly and to express an opinion different forms of peaceful and legal cross-media, and to ensure that the principle of multi-party system, which means the possibility of establishing more than one party different trends of thought, with the absence of state discrimination and non-interference in favor of one party without the other.

Definition of planning policy

Planning policy is the way in which they are to achieve the planning process as one of the key administrative tasks, known as planning, that the steps that help achieve business goals set, and to develop appropriate plans to reach success, and it is important that the planning depends on a set of projected ideas, and that it is possible be applied in fact, it contributes positively to the work environment. The importance of planning planning is very important in any kind of work, whatever its nature, whether it be simple, or relying on many of the administrative functions, and sums up the importance of planning in the following points: participate in setting goals, and work to implement them. Illustrate weaknesses in the work, and treated. It improves the level of production, or provide the service to work. Participate in the development of a set of options that will help the implementation of the action. Contribute to access to the preliminary results, or unexpected about the action plan. Determines the appropriate financial cost, number of employees sufficient to achieve the work. Chart types for planning three main types, namely: Short-term: it is planning, which depends on the development of a short period of time plan, you may not exceed one day, associated Usually this type of planning simple tasks, which do not need a lot of procedures to do, such as : buy stationery for the office. Medium term: it is planning, which depends on a duration of time between a year and more plans, but not more than five years, and needs to be a set of procedures, the preparation of an appropriate number of plans that fit in with the work to be done, such as Type: Investment securities finance from a bank certain period of time. Long-term: It is planning which is based on a long period of time of up to ten years, it is important to develop appropriate his plans to contribute to the access to the main target, and any defect in any stage of the stages will adversely affect all stages, in the absence of action to treat with immediate effect, and examples of it: the purchase of a new building of the institution. Planning steps of planning consists of four steps, namely: setting goals: The first step in the planning, which relied upon as a major. Access to information: is the process by which all of the information that will help achieve the objectives of the collection. Hypotheses: is a set of alternatives, and suggestions that are studied in order to choose the right hypothesis to work. Business Rating: After doing the implementation of the plan, which has already been developed, it is important to evaluate the nature of its implementation to determine the extent of their success, according to the criteria that have adopted them. Planning planning difficulties facing many difficulties, which hinder the progress of work environment, including: a lack of available information on the nature of the work. Lack of attention to all the details of the action plan. The inability to apply one of the goals. Failure to provide financial sufficiently to carry out the work. Limited skills, and lack of consistency with the planning steps.

What is the concept of politics

The concept of politics politics word taken from the act of SAS and Handler, known conventionally as being based on the distribution of power and strength within the boundaries of a State, and care for the country's foreign affairs and internal affairs, and has known David Easton as (the division of resources in the community through the power). As defined by the Communists that it (the study of the relations between the classes), but they knew that it was the realists (art of the possible any study and change the political reality objectively and not a common mistake that art undergo political reality and not change based on the strength and interest calculations). Benefits of politics as a means control. Gives confidence to employees and administrators in making their decisions, and ease of hesitation and doubt in their souls. Relieve nervous effort and mental effort for staff and managers, and also to leave a full-time director for all new problems. Coordination between the actions of all the different individuals, specifically between their dealings with other individuals. Policy types basic policy: It is placed in the list of the emergence of the organization code, and change works on the objective and the fundamental shape of the organization change, it is flexible and wide, depending on which all other policies. Senior policy: The more detailed than the basic policy. Operational policy: a policy known as departments, which relate to certain specific activities, such as selling the company, purchasing, advertising, and transportation. Agglomeration policy: seek through which each party to join another party, or to a group of parties and alliance with them. Policy of containment: It is a policy based on intelligence work, diplomatic, and attack the Soviet Union, and the sufficiency of economic pressure, which is what called her the American ambassador to the United Nations. Other types: economic policy, and the policy of ideology as, supreme policy. The conditions to be provided in the policy to be feasible, and to achieve the goals set. Lack of incompatibility with the state laws, and public policies, social values, and morals prevailing. Linked with each other horizontally and vertically. Flexible; allow any act in the event of any change, they are not instructions. Be specific and understandable terms, and well-known of all project members, and to be written. Popular political figure of Benito Mussolini: is the founder of the fascist movement, the head of the Italian state, was born in 1883 in Dovaa de Bredabio village in Italy, and the title Balducci, and received a ruling from 1930 to 1943, and died in 1945. Nelson Mandela: is the head of state of South Africa, was born in 1918 in, was the first black president, and it was an anti-apartheid regime in his country, and received the position of the referee from 1994 m to 1999 m, and religion, Christianity, and died in 2013. Gamal Abdel Nasser: Is the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and one of the leaders of the revolution of July 23, was born in 1918, and received a ruling from 1956 until his death in 1970.

What is a scorched earth policy

A scorched earth policy, is the (military strategy) requires burning everything that can benefit the enemy in progress operations and decline within the region, formerly it indicates in its meaning to the burning of agricultural crops, and everything associated with those crops so as not to allow the enemy to take advantage of them, as a kind of supplies to help him progress and resilience, as well as the destruction of (infrastructure), as a means of transportation, housing, and other means of communication, and this policy is followed in enemy territory or in the home. The article states (54) of the "first protocol" to the Convention in 1977, which was held in Geneva, on the prohibition of the destruction or burning, move or attack or disable the materials necessary for the survival of the civilian population, agricultural Kalmnatq, which produce crops, livestock, drinking water systems and irrigation. food, whatever the motive, whether the target starve them or keep them out of the area, or any other reasons. Despite this prohibition, however, that such practices are still common, and many of the countries that ratified it do not you apply to the ground. Of the most famous countries in implementation of this strategy is Russia, where the application in its wars with the Tatars and Napoleon, and during World War II against Germany, taking advantage of the nature of their country's topography and climate that dominated and characterized by greatly reduced in temperature, and already have through the application of that policy conquering Napoleon, dip the Germans during World war. This policy is characterized by remoteness inhumane, dependence on burning and destruction, and without paying international laws, any interest, this politically, but economically, they are aimed at humiliation, starvation and impose dependency on the public, as the French did during their application of that policy in Algeria. It states that have implemented this policy is the United States in its war on Iraq, to ??see through the atrocities committed on the ground, and the amount of destruction that left thousands of dead and wounded, as a new type of this strategy, as well as prove the use of uranium weapons, and lasting negative effects for decades, it is a further evidence of the application of that bloody politics. Also, Israel, which is not subject to the law, they have implemented that policy over and over again, the last devastating war on Gaza, and their effects on humans and the earth, to the largest demonstration of the wickedness and ugliness of this accounting policy, under the pretext of eliminating resistance by target them civilians, and everything related to them of houses and gardens, schools, real goal behind this war, it is the annihilation of the entire civilian population there !!

Manifestations of colonial policy in Algeria

French colonization of Algeria France occupied Algeria in the history of the fifth of July of 1830, and lasted until the fifth date of the same month of 1962; and gave the Algerian people during this period, more than a million martyrs; in order to liberate their land, and the expulsion of the French, and to stop looting the wealth of the country and the oppression of its people, and the Algerians of French policies unfair suffered; both those specific to their living conditions, or which affect the education sector, and religion, as well as policies that affected the social aspect; in this article we will talk about the most prominent manifestations of colonial policy in Algeria. Manifestations of colonial policy in Algeria and divided those appearances to the administrative aspects, economic and other, social, and aspects related to the education sector, the cultural side, which we'll talk about in the following: the administrative side of the law Cr�mieux: by which grants Jews in Algeria; French nationality; and thus facilitate their participation in the French took office on Algerian territory; and during the 1870 year. Gunnar law: which included a series of punitive measures against the Algerians; and in the aftermath of appointed Bassam revolution in the Bouira region, in the 1906 year. Version conscription law: in 1912 year; forcing the Algerians, to participate in the First World War, within the ranks of the French army, France has followed this arbitrary choice; while the other colonies, given the freedom of choice in the matter of recruitment. The formation of the Ministry of Algeria: considered a dependent territory of France, during the 1951 year. France's economic policies have worked to tighten the manifestations of dependency, the Algerian economy French counterpart, and is represented by the following: Change the Algerian currency, to the French currency in 1851. Algerian flood the markets, products and commodities French. Induces the cultivation of vineyards; up to liquor manufacturing. Issuing the laws that govern which grip on the wealth and resources of the Algerian people, and most of those laws: the confiscation of lands of the Muslims of Algeria Act Ottoman assets. Joanne Law; Judge Algeria as part of France's property, and therefore have the right to dispose of all its wealth. Social policies distort the authentic Algerian civilization landmarks, blur national identity. Ushering in settling the various peoples of Europe in Algeria, and to encourage its citizens to the French delegation to Algeria; and therefore give priority to those identity, the aspects of social life account, indigenous owners of the land. Declaration of civil status law; and aims to change the Algerian names including streets and roads, and sites, to French names, also prevented resorting to Islamic law, and the establishment of rituals, and turned many mosques into churches, and allowed proselytizing the Christian faith among the Algerian population, compared to food aid; so untapped needs of citizens, and harsh conditions; spread through famines. Algerians looting their property and possessions; and the imposition of the many taxes on them; whereas facilitated financial transactions for the settlers; and established them many banks in Algeria. The absence of health institutions that serve the population; which led to the spread of diseases among them, doubling their suffering. Education and culture policies to make French the official language and the mother in Algeria, and the abolition of dealing in Arabic across the country. Limiting education to the children of Algeria on the elementary level. Close centers and educational institutions. Algerians force through the above; the direction of education in French, or immigration, as well as the adoption of aspects of French culture by force.

Industry Political Science

Became the academic education of the most important opportunities that may be resorted to ambitious young people in order to obtain educational opportunities and clear enable the individual to access the upper ranks that aspire to any individual in society. Education and learning not only benefit the individual, but also benefit the targeted educational category, as a group of young people, and category the elderly, education is not the age of him, and can be accessed whenever you want, dear reader, and having sprung universities, young people began Anhalon on education, learning at the university, after the completion of high school, and all the heads of specialization, which has long dreamed of, and as allowed by the amended which was obtained in the high school period, and when we talk about education, science, with social and political progress, it was necessary to get the educational opportunities, the youth was able to enroll in political life, and knowing secretes they contain, and ways to live through it, and it was necessary to invent Industry political science, what is the specialty of political Sciences: political Science: is the science that deals with through the study on ways to deal properly with environmental and social conditions that surround us, and knowing the course of what is going on around us, from political events, and social, it is no wonder that a person should consider this Specialization, because his study means that you feel is important for its specialization, has called for many of the universities to the need to demand the youth on this specialty, because it helps to know what is going on around us, and we can deal with the conditions well and the concept, and our conversation today will rotate for political Science as a discipline of study at the university, should be treated just like any other disciplines, and ensures that this specialization to his companions to get many of the knowledge and materials that help mainly to know what is going on on this planet, it is important that those who teach this specialty to be aware of the strongest personalities on the face ground, and a stronger political states, peacefully and belligerent. The universities really began to attract individuals to deal with this specialization, because in the first and foremost is a specialty difficult, and requires that individuals experience, and enjoy the study of political life, social, and work hard to study and processing of research that needs to be dealt with in the study. He said political science specialization of academic disciplines offered within the educational plans for universities, and has a number of hours, like other disciplines, and also the basic requirements of the University, in addition to courses of specialization, and free courses and others. And it makes this specialty really enjoy listening to the news, in order to obtain information that in university research, among others.